Our Art

We've Got Art In Our Heart

Soho’s history is that of eclectic people and eclectic art. Being located in the heart of Old Compton Street it’s only right that we embrace the eclectic roots of our beautiful venue. On your next visit to Old Compton Brasserie take a minute to look at our collection of art, from the original pieces on the walls to the beautiful authentic Parisian lighting above the restaurant booths, there is something in every corner to look at. Not only do we celebrate the art, but also the artists themselves. Every 6 months we feature bespoke art from varying artists on the back of our menus, here are the stories behind those artists…

Hayden Kays

Hayden Kays is the artist behind the artwork on our upcoming menu, aptly named; ‘Beyond The Rave’. He has been widely acclaimed as one of the most vital and proactive artists of his generation, producing work that both celebrated and critiques the all-pervasive culture industry. Kays’s work is characterised by bold imagery, acerbic wordplay, accomplished craftmanship and deadpan humor.


Hayden Kays will be joining us at Old Compton Brasserie to paint a bespoke piece of art to add to our growing collection. Dates to follow.

Anna Laurini

Anna Laurini was our first featured menu artist when we opened in September 2018. She has gained notoriety over the last few years as one of the most distinctive urban contemporary artists to burst onto the London and New York scene. Her process is dynamic and bold yet her underlying femininity permeates her prolific body of work. Inspired by Picasso and Matisse, Anna earned a fine art diploma at Central Saint Martins and attended life drawing at Art Student League, New York. Her work has been exhibited in London, Tokyo, New York, Milan and Paris. The piece of art featured on our first menu’s can be seen on the wall opposite the bar.